Side Sleeping Perfection

Pillow Cube fills the gap between your bed and your head, aligns your spine, and supports pain free sleep. Get the new Ice Cube Deluxe Pillow to Sleep 10 Degrees Cooler!

Aligns Your Spine
Wake Up Pain Free
Fall Asleep Faster
Sleep Longer

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No More Sleep Struggles

No Tossing & Turning
Do you toss and turn every night, searching for the perfect pillow position?

No Pillow Stacking
Why buy a mountain of 10 pillows in hopes of being comfortable, when you can just buy one?

Neck Pain?
Waking up with neck pain not only ruins your morning, but your whole day!

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Side Sleeping
Healthiest Way To Sleep

Sleeping on your side helps maintain spinal alignment, promotes better circulation, boosts blood flow, lesson headaches, and potentially diminishes back and neck discomfort.

Side sleeping significantly lessens snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea, thereby enabling a more serene sleep.

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Trusted By 500k+ Side Sleepers

Our Pillow Cube is enjoyed by half a million people as the ultimate solution for side sleepers. We pride ourselves on the thousands of five-star reviews and positive customer experiences which affirm our position as a trusted, certified sleep aid.

From aiding those with arthritis to providing tangible relief for stiff necks, the testimonials speak for themselves. Sleep with confidence knowing you're getting the best the market has to offer.

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Soft, Yet Supportive

Our premium memory foam core fills the space between your head and shoulders all while being soft enough to cradle you to sleep.

premium & Breathable

Our breathable soft cover allows air to flow through our temperature regulating foam core, keeping you cool all night long.

quality & Built To Last

Our foam is of the highest quality available on the market. If you were to make a mattress out of our foam it would cost thousands of dollars!

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Sleep Hot?
Cool Down With An Ice Cube!

Nothing worse than always needing to flip your pillow 10 times a night to get to the cooler side. Stay cool all night long with our Ice Cube Deluxe!

Infused with Cooling Beads (for deeper sleep & more support)
Cool Coat painted across the top (adding an icy touch of coolness)
Ventilation Holes (extra cooling, less ear pressure)
Advanced Antimicrobial Properties
Our Super Soft Luxury Shell with Integrated Cooling Frozen Fibers

If that all sounds very sciencey, it's because it is...The Pillow Cube team is on the cutting edge of sleep technology to ensure you have the best sleep of your life.

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4.7 / 5 Stars
Basically Perfect

Life Changing

I was spending money left and right on chiropractor appts and massages until I got this pillow. I actually posted a status on FB and got a ton of reviews of different brands and pillow cube was mentioned a lot. I purchased this pillow in December and it's changed my life!!

Just Wow

I have had the same goose down pillow for my whole life, I know it’s terrible but I had such bad luck picking out pillows I gave up! My husband got one of these and I was needless to say very doubtful he would like it. He loved it!!

No Shoulder Pain!

I ordered the 6” pillow even though I’m only 5’. I have bone-on-bone and arthritis in one shoulder and arthritis in the other. This pillow takes the pressure off which ever shoulder I sleep on. It’s a Godsend. It may be on the expensive side, but take it from me, it’s well worth it - should have gotten one sooner.

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Upgrade Your Sleep

What's better than a good night's sleep? Getting one every single night with our upgraded Side Sleeper Pillow Cube. With both improved comfort and support, your shoulder woes and stiff neck mornings will be things of the past. Don't miss your chance to upgrade!

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What Size Should I Choose?

Decisions, decisions. To feed your 'Goldilocks syndrome' we've created pillows varying from 4" to 6" in thickness. Afraid you'll pick one that’s too thick, too thin, and not just right? Don’t worry, take our quiz.

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